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Stop the Spread of Covid in Chatham: New Info and Tips from the Borough Board of Health

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January 14, 2021 Reorganization & Regular Meeting
February 11, 2021
March 11, 2021
April 8, 2021
May 13, 2021
June 10, 2021
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Public Health Services  - The Chatham Borough Board of Health contracts public health services through the Westfield Regional Department of Health.   Please visit the   Westfield Regional Department of Health website    for information on public health programs and services that are provided to Chatham Borough residents of all ages. Under the mandates of the New Jersey Public Health Practice Standards, and the ordinances and policies of the Chatham Borough Board of Health, the public’s health is protected through sanitary inspections, enforcement activities, disease prevention, and health promotion & education. 

Visit the Chatham Borough Health Department 

Governor Murphy's Executive Orders


Chatham Borough Board of Health Members

Six members are appointed to serve 3-year terms and two alternate members are appointed to serve 2-year terms. Appointments to the Board of Health are made the Mayor upon advice and consent of the Council.   Board of Health  Agendas and Minutes





  Lisa DeRosa


Member, President

  Kay I. Kaiser



  Micki Chaput



  Lara Freidenfelds
  (appointed to unexpired term)


Member, Vice President

   Robert Weber


Council Liaison

  Len Resto

Annual Appointment 2021


  Andrew Zoltan


1st Alternate

  Shelliam Lee


Board of Health Secretary, Melanie Politi     mpoliti@chathamborough.org



Emergency Action Planning Guidance for Retail Food Establishment

Board of Health Working to Improve Public Health Outcomes for Residents

The Board of Health has started two primary prevention based campaigns this past year.  The first is the implementation of a Tobacco Age of Sale (TASE) inspection program.  These inspections work to ensure teens and young adults, under age 21, are not able to purchase nicotine products including juules and electronic smoking devices in the Borough.

The other program is one that focuses on increased childhood lead screening and community awareness that there is no safe level of lead.  A description of these programs can be summarized by using #kNOwlead.

The Health Department provides public health and environmental health services as mandated by the State Department of Health. The Department also enforces the New Jersey State Sanitary Code, State laws and regulations, local ordinances, and policies established by each municipality’s local Board of Health. Each Board of Health is comprised of five to nine members of the public, appointed by the Governing Body of each municipality.

The Board also offers free child health clinics for physical exams and immunizations, and adult vaccination services to residents who are under insured or non-insured.  For more information on the health department and Board of Health provide please visit  www.westfieldnj.gov/health  or call Bridget Colendenski, Public Health Nurse at 908-789-4070 ext. 4472.

Public health planning and policies are developed, implemented and monitored by the Board of Health. Services provided include immunizations for children and adults, including influenza vaccinations, chronic disease screenings, disease and injury prevention, environmental inspections and licensing, including restaurants, animal control services, including rabies vaccinations, disease investigations, health education and tracking vital statistics.

New Vaping Regulations – Borough Code Chapter 308

In February, to help address the ongoing public health emergency presented by vaping, the Borough’s Board of Health (BOH) enacted a new vaping ordinance that provides, in part, for the following:

  • Requires vaping-related businesses to be licensed by the BOH (308-3);
  • Prohibits licensed food establishments, liquor stores and bars, and gas stations from also selling vaping products (308-3);
  • Prohibits individuals who are under the age of 21 from entering or working in a vaping-related business (308-4);
  • Prohibits the sale, distribution or giving of vaping products to anyone under 21 years of age (308-5);
  • Prohibits new vaping businesses within 500 feet of schools, parks and other recreation areas (308-6); and,
  • Establishes a monetary penalty between $50 and $2000 for a violation of any of the regulatory provisions (308-14).

The full version of the new vaping ordinance, as well as other BOH ordinances, can be found in the online municipal codebook (eCode), which is accessible via the  Borough’s website.