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Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission was formed in 1989 for the purpose of recognizing and preserving historic resources in the Borough as an essential element of municipal character and identity which contributes to the reputation of Chatham Borough as a place of beauty and architectural value.

Regular meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in Borough Hall.  Meetings are open to the public. Residents and business owners are always welcomed to attend.







While the Commission has identified various structures and districts in the Town's Master Plan, the Main Street Historic District is officially designated. This gives the Commission the responsibility to review and make recommendations to the Planning Board on applications for permits that affect the exterior appearance of any property in the District. The Planning Board will deny issuance of the permit or include the conditions in the permit, as the case may be.  

Applications before either the Borough Planning Board or the Board of Adjustment are also submitted to the Commission for a Review Report when exterior appearance is affected. 

Additionally, any applicant for a demolition permit must include detailed architectural plans with the application. Commission approval must be received for the proposed replacement structure.


The Main Street Historic District

Reaching from near Chatham's eastern boundary to just short of Lafayette Avenue, the Main Street Historic District represents most aspects of Chatham's history, which began in the early 18th century. The eastern portion of the District is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places.

Property owners, retailers and developers will find the Commission's "Design Guidelines" booklet helpful in planning projects. The booklet is available in the Construction Office. Applicants are encouraged to meet with the Commission during the planning stage.

The Guidelines booklet is also intended to help in projects of a seemingly minor nature, such as repointing masonry, designing a sign or choosing a new screen door. Emphasis on details is never more important than in small towns such as Chatham, where impressions are necessarily made quickly and where a few "mistakes" can tilt an overall image from good to bad.

Answers to questions regarding the history or architecture of a number of Chatham's buildings and streets may be found in the Historic Preservation Manual, available to the public at the reference desk of the Library of the Chathams.

Historic Preservation Commission Members

Members are appointed by the Mayor. Five (5) Regular Members serve  4- year terms. Two (2) Alternate Members serve 2-year terms.  At least 1 Member must be Class A, Class B and a Class C appointment. Alternate Members shall meet at least the qualifications of Class C.


Council Liaison 

Carolyn Dempsey  

Council Liaison

Frank Truilo


Regular Member - Class C

Catherine Chin


Regular Member - Class A- Vice Chair



Regular Member -Class B

Mindy Pitonyak


Regular Member - Class A- Chair

James J. Greener


Regular Member 

Lynn D. Magrane

01/01/2021 12/31/2023

1 st    Alternate Class B



2 nd   Alternate



Minutes Secretary

Liz Holler