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When and Where can I vote early?

Based on state guidelines, there are seven locations throughout Morris County for early voting. Eligible Morris County residents can vote at any of the seven locations. View Early Voting locations.

Early voting for the 2021 General Election will take place on Saturday October 23 through Sunday October 31. 

Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 8PM
Sunday - 10AM - 6PM

   Questions on how to file a Voter Registration Application or file a change of address should be directed to Tamar Lawful, Borough Clerk at 973.635.0674 x203 or email tlawful@chathamborough.org.

Residents who have moved to Chatham Borough may need to update their voter registration record to be eligible to vote in the next election.  New Jersey residents can confirm their voter registration record by searching the NJ Division of Elections database of registered voters

FIRST TIME VOTER?   Many people who have never voted are unsure of the voting process at the polls. A guide to the voting process in the Garden State is demonstrated in this step by step informational video produced by the Hall Institute of Public Policy in cooperation with the League of Women Voters of New Jersey.


WHO MAY REGISTER TO VOTE?  You are eligible to register to vote if:

  • You are a citizen of the United States;
  • You are a resident of Morris County at least 30 days before the next election;
  • You will be 18 years of age on or before the next election;
  • You are not incarcerated, on parole or on probation.

WHEN CAN I REGISTER TO VOTE?  In order to vote in an election, your voter registration must be received by the Morris County Board of Elections office 21 days prior to the election day. 

Your voter registration will remain valid as long as you live in Chatham Borough. If you move to another town within Morris County you must update your voter registration with a change of address.  If you move out of Morris County, you must register to vote in that county.

HOW DO I REGISTER TO VOTE?  You must complete a Voter Registration Application. Under the federal Help America Vote Act, New Jersey residents will be required to provide either the last four digits of  their Social Security Number or thier complete Driver’s License Number on the Voter Registration Application form. 

MUST I DECLARE A PARTY AFFILIATION WHEN I REGISTER TO VOTE?  No, only if you wish to declare a party affiliation.

HOW CAN I CONFIRM THAT I AM A REGISTERED VOTER?  New Jersey residents can confirm their voter registration record by searching the NJ Division of Elections database of registered voters.

WHERE DO I GO TO VOTE?   Registered voters are assigned a specific election district and polling place according to their street address. Your election district and voting location are printed on the face of your Sample Ballot, which is mailed to registered voters before an election. A voters' polling location may also be searched by accessing the New Jersey Division of Elections Polling Place Locator.


District #1:  Chatham Middle School
District #2:  Chatham Borough Volunteer Fire Department Firehouse
District #3:  Chatham Middle School
District #4:  Chatham United Methodist Church
District #5:  Washington Avenue School
District #6:  Lum Avenue School (ECLC)
District #7:  Washington Avenue School
District #8:  Lum Avenue School (ECLC)
District #9:  Chatham United Methodist Church



HOW DO I OBTAIN A VOTE BY MAIL-IN BALLOTYes, any voter may vote by a Mail-In Ballot for any election.

Vote-By-Mail Drop Box Locations for the July 7th Primary  Election.

HOW DO I APPLY FOR A MAIL-IN BALLOT?  You must complete a Vote By Mail-In Ballot Application, which can be completed and printed directly from our website. Vote by Mail-In Ballot Application forms are also available in-person at the Chatham Borough Clerk’s Office. You may also apply to the Morris County Clerk in-person by 3:00pm on the day before the election. Once your application is received and approved, the election ballot will be sent to the address indicated on your application.

HOW DO I VOTE BY MAIL-IN BALLOT?  Your application for a Mail-In Ballot was approved and the Board of Elections sent you a Mail-In Ballot.  You will not be allowed to vote at your polling location. You must vote by Mail-In Ballot. The voter completes the paper ballot, places it inside the white envelope, seals the envelope and completes the required information on the envelope’s flap. Do not detach the flap. Place the completed white envelope inside the brown envelope and mail it or deliver in-person to the Morris County Board of Elections Office.  The Board of Elections must receive the voters Mail-In Ballot before the polls close on Election Day.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE?  Visit the Morris County Clerk’s Office Election Services  or the
New Jersey Division of Elections website.

Should you have any questions, please call the Chatham Borough’s Clerk’s Office at 973.635.0674 x1 or email clerk@chathamborough.org.

How to submit your Primary Election Mail-In Ballot