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Senior Services

Senior Center of the Chathams   is a nonprofit agency which encourages the independence and well-being of seniors and their families in the greater Chatham area by connecting them with each other and the community at large.




Watch Donna Sue Dowton Exercise Videos

1.  Sit to stand and other leg strengthening exercises       Try these exercises to strengthen your legs. The ability to get out of a chair is a good  predictor of your ability to get up off the floor. If you struggle with this exercise try putting a pillow on the chair to raise a little higher. As you get stronger you can take the pillow out so that you have a greater range of motion. ​ 

2.  Improving your posture with a wall stand     T his is an easy way to reset your posture using a wall. This is perfect for Seniors or anyone who has poor posture. Most people who spend large portions of the day looking at the computer or at their phone have a tendency to let their head fall forward. This is a great way to become aware of where your posture needs work.

3.  Seated abdominal exercises     Try the seated abdominal exercises. These are perfect for people who can’t get on the ground or want to do a quick ab exercise while at work.

4.  Upper Body Stretches     Shoulder and chest opener stretches can help with posture and breathing. Great for seniors.

5.   Simple Balance exercise    Simple balance exercise with Donna Sue is perfect for seniors.

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