54 Fairmount Avenue, Chatham, NJ 07928     
973-635-0674       Hours: 8am to 4pm M-F     


Borough Government Employees

Title Name Extension       Email
Borough Administrator Steve W. Williams 208 swilliams@chathamborough.org
Administrative Assistant Melanie Politi 231 mpoliti@chathamborough.org
Borough Clerk Tamar Lawful 203 clerk@chathamborough.org
Administrative Assistant Anthony Farfalla 210 afarfalla@chathamborough.org
Registrar, Vital Statistics Cherri Morris 214 cmorris@chathamborough.org
Minutes Clerk Liz Holler 204 lholler@chathamborough.org 
Zoning Officer Glen Turi 270 zoning@chathamborough.org
Chief Financial Officer Karen Fornaro  207 kfornaro@chathamborough.org
Assistant Finance Officer Tyrina Cittrich 274 tcittrich@chathamborough.org  
Tax Collector Madeline Polidor 202 taxcollector@chathamborough.org
Tax Assessor Therese DePierro 201 assessor@chathamborough.org
Tax Assessor Assistant Evelyn Campo 205 ecampo@chathamborough.org
Utility Billing & Parking Cheri Morris 214 cmorris@chathamborough.org
Finance Clerk Evelyn Campo 205 ecampo@chathamborough.org
Public Works Director Tony Torello 973-635-5242 etorello@chathamborough.org
Community Services Director Janice Piccolo 200 jpiccolo@chathamborough.org
Administrative Assistant   262  
Recreation Coordinator Carol Nauta 973-635-7066 cnauta@chathamborough.org
Health Officer Megan Avallone 908-789-4070 mavallone@westfieldnj.gov
Planning/Zoning Secretary Fran Boardman   fboardman@chathamborough.org
Engineer Colliers Engineering   engineer@chathamborough.org
Police Department      
Police Chief Brian Gibbons 973-635-8000 bgibbons@chathampd.org
Administrative Assistant Kellie McGuire 228 kmcguire@chathampd.org
Fire Department      
Fire Chief Jeffrey Fricke 973-635-9090 jfricke@chathamborough.org
Fire Official/Inspector Walter Nugent 217 wnugent@chathamborough.org
Fire Inspector Matthew Pridham   mpridham@chathamborough.org
Emergency Management Coordinator Steven Davenport   sdavenport@chathamborough.org 
Library of the Chathams   www.chatham-library.org
214 Main Street, Chatham    
Director Karen Brodsky 973-635-0603 kbrodsky@chathamlibrary.org
Madison-Chatham Joint Meeting    
Superintendent Christopher Manak 973-635-4614 cmanak@mcjm.org
Joint Municipal Court of Madison, the Chathams & Harding
Hartley Dodge Memorial   court@chathamborough.org
50 Kings Road, Madison, NJ 07940    
Judge Johnathan h. Rosenbluth 973-593-3026  
Court Administrator Dawn Alggeier 973-593-3026  
Senior Services Center   www.chathamseniorcenter.org
58 Meyersville Road, Chatham Township    
9:00am to 3:00pm Monday-Friday    
Executive Director Julie Reich 973-635-4565