Chatham Borough Environmental Commission
Sustainable Business Practices

The Chatham Borough Environmental Commission would like to recognize businesses that help our town be as environmentally healthy as possible. See below for an application.

These are the kind of practices we wish to recognize:

  1. Use less paper. Paper comprises about 35% of the waste stream. Here are some ideas.

    1. Organize your inbox instead of printing out emails.
    2. Use recycled paper.
    3. Print on both sides.
    4. Use electronic signatures. Adobe Acrobat Professional, DocuSign, or e-signature can help with that.
    5. Pay Pal can be used to send invoices.
    6. Slow the flow of junk mail. Check out Green Dimes or Catalog Choice.

  2. Pull the plug.

    1. Turn off the computer at night
    2. Unplug all phone chargers.
    3. Use energy-saving appliances.

  3. Recycle.

    1. Keep clearly labeled bins in convenient places.
    2. Consider a compost bin.
    3. Freecycle. Consider donating what you no longer use to a charity.

  4. Remodel using sustainable practices. Look up Green Building Elements or Ecopreneurist.

If you are already using some of these suggestions, or if you have other ideas, we would like to hear from you. Contact us via email at environmentalcommission@chathamborough.org and let us know.

If you are following good environmental practices nominate your business by completing the form for the following award: Eco-Friendly Business award application