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Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor Hours & Contact

Tax Assessor: Therese DePierro            
973-635-0674 ext 201

Assessor's Assistant: Evelyn Campo
973-635-0674 ext 205 


Tax Assessor 

The assessor is responsible for the fair assessment of all real property within the municipality in order that the tax burden may be distributed equally.

An annual Tax List is prepared by the assessor and filed with the Morris County Board of Taxation. To produce this list the assessor must identify and value each property as well as maintain an accurate record of property ownership.

The assessor also administers numerous programs required by New Jersey State Statute including tax exemptions to qualified parties, sales ratio study for county equalized tax purposes, farmland assessment and annual assessment notification.

Please do not hesitate to call the office if you have any questions or concerns regarding your assessed value or any of the programs we administer.

Borough of Chatham:  

Please call ASI with any inquiries regarding the inspection procedure or the revaluation process at (201) 493-8530.


As ordered by the Morris County Board of Taxation and the State Division of Taxation, the Borough of Chatham is revaluing all taxable real estate for the 2022 tax year to ensure uniform and equitable assessments. The Borough has entered into a contract with Appraisal Systems, Inc . to conduct the revaluation program.

The first step of the revaluation process is the inspection of all properties in the Borough. In the coming months inspectors from Appraisal Systems, Inc. will visit your property. The first visit from an inspector will be between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. Appraisal Systems, Inc. representatives will carry photo identification and their names will be registered with the Police Department and the Borough Assessor’s Office.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, inspectors will be supplied with protective gear while performing inspections. The exterior inspection includes exterior measurements and photographs. An interior inspection needs to be made for accuracy. If that is not possible at this time please call Appraisal Systems at 201-493-8530 for other options. Please be aware if you opt out of a physical, interior inspection, an interior inspection may be necessary at some point in the future.

If you are not present at the first visit, the inspector will leave an interior inspection card with further instructions. If an onsite interior inspection is conducted, owners/occupants will be requested to sign the field form verifying that the inspector completed an interior inspection. Owners of rental properties should notify all tenants of the rental units that an inspection will be forthcoming by the firm and coordinate the interior inspection option with them.

If your property has a unique condition that you believe may influence its value, please send documentation to: Appraisal Systems, Inc., 17-17 Route 208N – Suite 210, Fairlawn, NJ 07410 and it will be considered.

After the appraisals have been completed, you will be notified of the proposed assessment as well as procedures to review the assessment with a representative of the firm.

Please call ASI with any inquiries regarding the inspection procedure or the revaluation process at (201) 493-8530.

Information will be added as received.