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54 Fairmount Avenue 
Chatham, NJ

tax office

Tax Collector: Madeline Polidor-LeBoeuf, CTA 
(973) 635-0674 ext 202

 Please mark your calendar to remember that quarterly property tax payments are due on Februrary 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. Property Tax payments received after 10 days of the due date will incur interest charges.

Click here  to Pay Property Taxes Online Tax payments require block and lot numbers for the property.

PAYING OFF A PROPERTY MORTGAGE? Please notify the Tax Collector if you pay off a mortgage so that all future correspondence and property tax payment bills are mailed to the correct address and not to the mortgage company. The mortgage company will not notify the municipality.

Tax bills are mailed once per year. Property owners will receive either a tax bill, to be used when making a quarterly tax payment, or a tax bill advice copy, provided to the property owner when a mortgage company makes the quarterly tax payments. The tax bill advice copy is to be used by the property owner once the mortgage has been satisfied.

NEW JERSEY PROPERTY TAX RELIEF PROGRAMS Please visit to learn more about New Jersey's ANCHOR Program, the Property Tax Reimbursement/Senior Freeze Program, the Property Tax Credit Program, and the Veteran and Senior Citizen Deduction Programs. Forms and applications for each of these property tax relief programs are available at the Tax Collectors office.

SENIOR FREEZE: take advantage of the extension:


The new 2023 tax bill will be mailed the end of July.  3rd Quarter has been extended from August 1st to September 1st, 2023 NO additional grace period.  If you make the 3rd quarter payment after September 1st, 2023,interest will be charged from  August 1st, 2023 to the date payment is received. 

The 2023 tax rate is 1.554.