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8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


54 Fairmount Avenue 
Chatham, NJ 07928


Chatham Borough residents have a long history of volunteering for their community. Volunteers perform many functions that are vital to our community. Each year, many of our residents offer their time, energy, knowledge and talent to our municipality by serving on the Chatham Emergency Squad, Chatham Borough Volunteer Fire Department, or on one or more of our boards, commissions, or committees.

If you have interest or expertise in a particular area and a desire to volunteer, Chatham Borough needs you! Please consider volunteering and supporting your community.


Chatham Emergency Squad

Individuals interested in joining the Chatham Emergency Squad should visit the Chatham Emergency Squad webpage for information. Send an email to the Squad’s Personnel Vice President to express your interest in joining the squad. Download the Chatham Emergency Squad Membership Application.

Chatham Borough Volunteer Fire Department

Individuals interested in joining the Chatham Borough Volunteer Fire Department should visit the Chatham Borough Volunteer Fire Department webpage for more information. The application process for volunteering with the Chatham Borough Volunteer Fire Department starts with sending an email to the Fire Chief at and expressing your interest in joining the Fire Department.


Boards, Commissions and Advisory Committees

Please consider serving on any of the public bodies listed below. Submit a completed Volunteer Application Form to the Borough Clerk’s office at or stop by Borough Hall. Visit the Commissions & Committees webpage to learn more about these volunteer opportunities. After you submit your application, you will be contacted.

Boards and Commissions

  • Board of Health
  • Board of Trustees of the Library
  • Environmental Commission
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Planning Board
  • Shade Tree Commission
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment

Advisory Committees

  • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • Chatham Joint Community Garden Advisory Committee
  • Chatham Joint Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Communications & Technology Advisory Committee
  • Farmers’ Market Advisory Committee * [non-residents are welcome]
  • Historic Riverside Trail Advisory Committee
  • Mayors' Wellness Advisory Committee * [non-residents are welcome]
  • Municipal Alliance Committee of the Chathams
  • Municipal Pool Advisory Committee
  • MyChathamNJ Advisory Committee
  • Open Space & Historic Preservation Trust Advisory Committee
  • Public Arts Council (Advisory Committee)
  • Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Senior Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee
  • Tree Plan Advisory Committee
  • Undergrounding Advisory Committee
  • 9/11 Memorial Advisory Committee



Volunteer Projects

In addition to joining the Fire Department, Emergency Squad or one of the municipal boards/commissions/committees, there are numerous opportunities for individuals or groups to do projects on their own. Over the years, volunteers have completed a wide range of projects, including building or rebuilding walking trails, erecting benches and tables in local parks, and operating the cameras in the Council Chambers at Borough Hall to record meetings of the Borough Council and of boards/commissions/committees. 

The following are some suggested projects — but be creative and come up with your own ideas. One of the things that makes Chatham Borough so special is that its residents will identify things they think will make the community a better place, and then make them happen!

Media and Communications Projects:

  • Operate the cameras in the Council Chambers to record meetings
  • Design and compose web pages for the Borough website on "Living in Chatham" and "Chatham Borough History".
  • Take new photos for the Borough website.
  • Compose music for the TV bulletin board.

Outdoor Projects:

  • Trash clean-up: Day's Brook, Wuhala Woods and other conservation lands.
  • Remove invasive plant species at Wuhala Woods, Kelley's Pond, or in the conservation lands along the Passaic River.
  • Identify opportunities to plant pollinator-friendly plants and provide residents with education on how to do this. Or plant a garden of pollinator-friendly plants.
  • Build a seating area (deck, benches) overlooking the Passaic River at the site of the street car bridge on the riverside trail.
  • Build an informational kiosk at the rain garden at the Memorial Park Pool identifying the plants and flowers there.

Other Project Ideas:

  •  Assist residents in preparing emergency preparedness kits containing food, water, flashlights and other emergency supplies. 
  • Assist residents in signing up for AlertChathamBorough.
  • Update our inventory of historical structures and include photos.
  • For the computer savvy, create Access databases of historical structures or open space.
  • Compile oral histories of war veterans to preserve their legacy. 

The Citizen Service Act

In 2009, the New Jersey State Legislature enacted the Citizen Service Act, which requires all municipalities to follow a uniform process to allow all citizens an equal opportunity and manner in which to express their interest in serving on local boards, commissions and committees. Any person interested in serving on a municipal board, commission or committee must file a Volunteer Application Form with the Borough Clerk to start the process.

Once an appointment is made, the newly appointed volunteer is required to take an oath of office for that specific position. Under previous law, individuals were only required to take the general oath of office. The law further permits the oath of office to be administered by the chairperson of a board or commission, Borough Clerk, or by any other person authorized under law to administer oaths (N.J.S.A. 41:2-1). All oaths of office are filed with the Borough Clerk.

The Citizen Service Act further requires the Borough Clerk to maintain a directory individuals appointed to each of the boards, commissions and committees. The directory includes the number of members or positions; a list of currently appointed members, along with their terms of office; vacancies; general frequency of meetings; the appointing authority, and enabling statute, ordinance or resolution that describes the entity and responsibilities of the members.

Lastly, the Citizen Services Act amended the law that determines when a position becomes vacant due to unexcused absences. A position can now to be declared vacant when a member is absent from meeting for 8 consecutive weeks, or 4 consecutive regular meetings, whichever is longer.