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Police Chaplain Program

The Police Chaplain Program creates a partnership with various faith-based leaders of a community to help assist police with individuals going through a hard time or dealing with a crisis.

The goal is that by having the Police and Clergy working together during times of crisis or incidents, that a more comprehensive response can be provided to those in need.

The faith-based leaders will perform tasks of a more emotional, social or spiritual nature while the officers handle tasks that are of a law enforcement nature.

The role of the Chaplain is to be the ‘balancer.’ The Police Chaplain is to provide support for Police Officers and residents in times of need. Chaplains are there to provide assistance, advice, comfort, counsel and provide resources to those that are in need.

If you would like more information on this program, please click on Police Chaplain Program Website

Participating Clergy
Reverend Jeffrey Markay

Reverend Alton Craig Dunn

Police Chaplain Liaison
Community Service Officer Brian Colatrella
Phone: (973) 701-6806
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